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Never having developed my own, proper “memory palace” (an ancient mnemonic device Wikipedia can explain), I will offer from time to time in this blog a less developed architectural rendering of my memories. But first a short note on the foundations on which these contributions are built—for readers who know little or nothing about me. The keystones: Born in Tallinn, Estonia, in 1944, as Soviet armed forces closed in on the Baltic States; On the move September 1944–June 1950 with mother, a pair of refugees looking for safety and a new life; Emigrated to the United States (New York City) in 1950; Raised in NYC through high school; Attended college on Navy ROTC scholarship at the University of Rochester (1962–66; Served as officer in the USMC (1966–70), with a year with Third Battalion First Marines in Vietnam and a year in learning Chinese Mandarin in Monterey, California; Married the first time in 1969. Worked through graduate school at the University of Michigan (1970–73). Honored with birth of only son in Ann Arbor, 1973. Enough for the time being.

I am hoping to use this blog to tell my story, as I’m moved to recall; showcase some photography or other original products; and, perhaps, along the way, reflect some growth (wisdom). For others to judge.

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Thanks, Andy V.


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